Winning Is Personal, Not Negotiable.

As strategic counselors, we’ve spent years assisting political, corporate and public affairs clients with decision making.

We live at the intersection of strategic action and research, and because of this, we are uniquely adept at taking information and making the right decisions for our clients.

Just Win Research offers a full suite of research solutions. With a focus on adapting to the drastically changing environment of measuring and understanding public opinion, we employ the tried and true methods of traditional quantitative and qualitative research, while incorporating forward thinking techniques that ensure confidence, clarity and precision in our findings.

Just Win Research Services

  •  Quantitative Survey Research
    • » Live Interviewer Studies
    • » IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Studies
    • » Digital Survey Research Studies


  • Qualitative Research Services
    • » Digital Focus Groups
    • » Online Panels
    • » Traditional Focus Groups
    • » In-depth Interviews & Stakeholder Research


  • Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling


  • Data Management


*Member of AAPOR, the American Association for Public Opinion Research