Winning Is Personal, Not Negotiable.

General Consulting and Strategy 

Our clients range from federal to statewide and local political campaigns, large scale public affairs programs, grassroots strategy to grasstops lobbying and collegiate athletic departments.  Whatever your objective, Just Win Strategies will come up with a game plan to help you move the ball down the field with the aim of securing a “win.”


  • Political Campaigns General Consulting & Strategy 
  • Public Affairs Consulting & Strategy 
  • Corporate Affairs Consulting & Strategy 
  • Grassroots & Grasstops Consulting & Strategy 
  • Sports & Athletic Program Consulting 
  • Convention Strategy  

Our Approach 


To help you get a feel for how we approach each project we undertake, let us start with an illustration that involves the hypothetical building of your dream home or even a substantial renovation of your existing one. In those circumstances you are likely to hire an experienced and highly-qualified general contractor to take overall responsibility for the project, so you can focus your time and energy on work and family while having confidence that your homebuilding project is moving along as you had hoped.

The general contractor’s first step is to sit down with you, the client, in order to understand your “dream home” expectationsJW Group Photo Website and how much you have budgeted to spend. The general contractor then works with you to build a team of capable and trustworthy sub-contractors – ranging from the design engineer to the plumber, electrician and even landscaper. Finally, the general contractor will develop a building plan that satisfies your expectations for timely completion, on budget. This is all accomplished while keeping you apprised of the progress and addressing any areas of concern you may have along the way…ultimately getting you your “win” – a finished home that you will be proud to call your own.

As general strategists, we will play a similar role for you – whether that involves a campaign for public office, an effort to pass a bill in the statehouse or helping your organization or association navigate choppy waters, or simply becoming more strategic in vision and focus. We will work with you, your family and trusted allies to design a winning, strategic blueprint; help build a team of talented, trusted professionals with the requisite experience to get the job done; and, continue to serve as your chief counselors until the mission is complete and your “win” secured.